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Jay Leno, a long-standing Lamborghini Club America member, has a passion for everything automotive that manifests itself in many faceted ways which includes being an automobile collector of over 100 automobiles; 4 of them being Lamborghinis.

What was the first Lamborghini you purchased?
The first Lamborghini I purchased was the Countach which was clearly a natural choice for any exotic car collection because it is probably the world’s best known Supercar.

Why did you decide to purchase a Lamborghini instead of another exotic?
Owning and driving a Lamborghini is something special because there is such a strong heritage behind the Lamborghini brand.  As an owner of a Lamborghini, you are part of that special brand history.

What draws you to the Lamborghini brand?
Along with the strong history carried by the brand, the design and performance of the different models has always been at a level to be excited about. Lamborghini is a special company that has real depth below the surface.

Describe your most memorable experience with your Lamborghini.
My most memorable experience with my Lamborghini was when Valentino Balboni dropped by my garage for a visit. We talked about the history of Lamborghini, the models that I own, and he autographed photographs.

Why is Lamborghini Club America important to you?
Lamborghini Club America shares the same passion for the brand as I do.  And I have many friends in this organization.

What will your next Lamborghini purchase be?
The next purchase for me is the manual transmission Balboni edition Gallardo LP550-2.  The e-gear cars are nice, but they do not do anything for me. I enjoy feeling the connection to the car and the driving experience.  A manual trans Lamborghini is a pure unmolested experience!