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How do I join the Lamborghini Club America?

You can join either by filling out the online enrollment form and submitting it with a credit card payment using PayPal located on the Join/Renew page or by mailing in a printed enrollment form with a check also located on the Join/Renew page. If you have any questions, or would like a membership form mailed to you, please call our Membership Group at 1 734-216-4455.

How much does it cost to be a member of Lamborghini Club America?

The Annual Standard Membership is $135 USD. The Annual VIP Membership is $250 USD. Because it is valid for 12 months once we receive your enrollment form and payment, you can join at any time during the year.

Why should I register for a VIP Membership with the Lamborghini Club America?

As a VIP member you receive additional benefits beyond our Annual Standard Membership. Including a personalized membership card, an Alcantara/Carbon Fiber event lanyard, special tour access at the Lamborghini museum and more.

How do I get involved in helping out with the Lamborghini Club America events and activities?

By being an active member, you are able to influence what your region plans and hosts throughout the year by contributing your ideas, and helping to plan and organize regional activities. Getting involved with your local region or with the Lamborghini Club America is fun and easy. Just email your region or call our headquarters in California and ask about how you can get involved at 1 734-216-4455.

Can I join Lamborghini Club America even if I don’t own a Lamborghini?

Yes. The Lamborghini Club America is made up of members who have a passion and enthusiasm for the Lamborghini brand. Many first time members join to research and locate their ideal Lamborghini.

Does my Lamborghini Club America membership allow me to attend events worldwide?

Yes. By being a member of Lamborghini Club America, you are invited to exclusive Lamborghini related events including the Ultimate Lamborghini Experience, Italian Stampede, Serata Italiana, and Annual Monterey Gathering. Just bring your membership card and pay any associated event fees.

When does my membership expire?

Unless you are a lifetime member, your membership expires 12 months at the point we received your enrollment form and payment when you joined or renewed your membership.

How do I arrange for a Lamborghini Museum/Factory Tour?

All Factory & Museums tours must be scheduled with Automobili Lamborghini on their website: www.Lamborghini.com. However, by being a VIP member of the Lamborghini Club America, we are able to provide special provisions once your tour is scheduled.

I’m interested in advertising on the Lamborghini Club America website, online newsletter and/or La Vita Lamborghini Magazine. How do I get information on the advertising costs?

To receive information on advertising opportunities, please email ads@lamborghiniclubamerica.com or call 1 734-216-4455.

Do you have any other questions that are not covered here? Don’t hesitate to send us an email.