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Driving Her Murcielago with Valentino Balboni

Carla Giordano is a real-estate agent based in Chicago who ranks as the most searched woman Lamborghini owner on the Internet. She has two loves – Her Lamborghini and her small dog, Stella, who also shares Carla’s passion and excitement for taking a ride in her Lamborghini.

What was the first Lamborghini you purchased?
2006 Gallardo Spyder

Why did you decide to purchase a Lamborghini instead of another exotic?
There is nothing on the road like a Lamborghini, new or old, when it comes to the body styling compared to any other exotic. I have owned Ferrari’s in the past, and they are ‘ok’, but they do not fill the shoes of what a Lamborghini exotic automobile.

What draws you to the Lamborghini brand?
The styling and design. It is extreme, Italian, and uncompromising! The Lamborghini brand is about the complete experience. It’s not meant to be just a show piece for the garage, and certainly does come off as a pretentious-better-than-you experience.

Describe your most memorable experience with your Lamborghini.
Driving with Valentino in my Murcielago Roadster!!! Valentino is Lamborghini…He makes any of us proud to be Lamborghini owners.

Why is Lamborghini Club America important to you?
Lamborghini Club America gives me more reason to make time for Lamborghini driving! Without the Club, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to make the Lamborghini friends that I have.

What will your next Lamborghini purchase be?
A Gallardo LP560 Spyder in Verde Ithaca.. Exotic cars should wear exotic colors!