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I’m just a California girl who loves cars and driving them! My dad taught me how to drive when I was 14 years old mainly because he wanted a chauffer for his weekly treks to San Francisco to go sailing! So I learned to drive a 5 speed manual pick up truck on the crazy streets of San Francisco–on extreme hills and in heavy traffic. I’m pretty sure that learning to use a clutch and shift under these circumstances prepared me for any driving situation. I spent all of my free time driving. I would race anyone who would challenge me…and usually win which really pissed the guys off!

What was the first Lamborghini you purchased?
2004 Gallardo – Yellow w/Black Interior

Why did you decide to purchase a Lamborghini instead of another exotic?
Purchasing a Lamborghini was about fulfilling a dream. I have always believed that the Lamborghini was the ultimate car for driving fast. I also love the fact that besides the Lamborghini being an incredible driving machine, it’s also a beautiful object d’ art. The design and styling is edgy and gorgeous. And every day when I walk out to the garage, it makes me smile to look at it. It invokes a feeling like nothing else I’ve ever experienced. I have driven other exotics, and no other exotic makes me feel like the way a Lamborghini does.

What draws you to the Lamborghini brand?
To me, Lamborghini owners seem to be a younger group of people (or at least young at heart) who are passionate about cars and really love to drive. The 6 speed, manual transmission AWD Gallardo is so much fun to drive. I think they are built really well with really beautiful and comfortable interiors so you could drive it everyday if you wanted to. Of course trunk space is limited so you don’t want to do any major shopping. In addition to the performance and great looks, they’re really low maintenance. I don’t drive mine every day, but it’s got over 20,000 miles on it, and the only maintenance it has had is the regularly scheduled fluid changes, brakes and a new set of tires.

Describe your most memorable experience with your Lamborghini.
In June 2010, I took my Gallardo to the Ultimate Lamborghini Experience at the California Speedway in Fontana. This was an incredible experience where professional race car instructors taught the Lamborghini owners how to best drive their own cars on the 21 turn competition road course. We learned how to take our cars to their absolute limits of speed and braking, making it one was the most challenging and exciting driving experiences that I’ve ever had. There aren’t many opportunities where you are able to drive as fast as you want (legally!). In addition to the thrill of driving on the track, I enjoyed seeing all of the cars (40+ Lamborghinis that all were in one place… how awesome is that!!), and meeting the other owners. The best part of the day was being able to meet and speak (in Italian, of course!) with Valentino Balboni. His passion and enthusiasm for the cars (and the people who own them) is really inspiring. All in all, the day was perfect.

Why is Lamborghini Club America important to you?
My experience with the Lamborghini Club has been really positive. Since joining the Club, I have definitely been motivated to attend more Lamborghini events than I have in the past. I think it’s important for owners to have a community that they enjoy being a part of because it creates an opportunity to meet and spend time with people who share the same passion for Lamborghini and driving.

What will your next Lamborghini purchase be?
My next Lamborghini purchase will be a white Gallardo LP560-4 Spyder. (If I can find one with a 6-speed manual transmission!)

And… because I think you should never stop dreaming… my next dream car is…
the Gallardo LP550-2 Valentino Balboni ~ Limited Edition…in orange!