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Enter the world of Diko Sulahian, President of Wholesale Tire and Wheel, the parent company of GFG Forged Modular Wheels. His wheel portfolio also includes Giovanna, Gianelle Designs, G Racing and Double G. A man known for his passion for fine European automobiles, Sulahian has one tough decision each morning: which car to drive to work? In addition to his Murcielago Roadster, his collection consists of a Lamborghini Gallardo Coupe, Spyder, and LP560-4 Spyder; Ferrari 612 Scaglietti, Rolls Royce Phantom & Coupe, and an Ed Hardy Smart Car. Daily transportation often includes shuttling his son Koko and two daughters Giovanna and Gianelle, so that plays a role in his tough decision for the day’s flavor of car. Diko named a wheel line after each of his children, making the brand tied that much closer to his family.

What was the first Lamborghini you purchased?
2004 Murcielago Coupe

Why did you decide to purchase a Lamborghini instead of another exotic?
There is absolutely nothing sexier than a Murcielago driving down the street, pulling up to the club, and then opening up the scissors doors!

What draws you to the Lamborghini brand?
The designs are gorgeous, and performance is not so bad..!

Describe your most memorable experience with your Lamborghini?
When I bought my brand new 2008 LP640 Roadster and took it out on the track with the instructor at the Ultimate Lamborghini Experience 1, I pushed my car too hard around one of the turns, and spun the car out, ended up in the dirt! Now with the whole car full of dirt in and out, instructor kind of laughed at me, and said you gotta take it easy!

30 minutes later, the instructor drove the car, we got to that same turn, and he spun the car out, and said whooo, this car has some power! I was laughing, because I didn’t feel so bad that he made the same mistake I made! (he didn’t expect the car to have so much torque) Being that he was the professional instructor, and I was the student, it put a huge grin on my face to see his reaction to the power of a Lamborghini!

Why is the Lamborghini Club important to you?
Gatherings and social events, they are a great way to network, and being in the wheels manufacturing business, it’s a great way to meet new clients and interact with existing ones.

What will your next Lamborghini purchase be?
My LP700-4 Aventador is on order! Lamborghini Newport beach is getting me car # 1!