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Michael Leming, chief talent scout at Nike and a man that has experienced more of the “extreme” than anyone else – his hobbies push adrenaline levels off the charts, making the Lamborghini Automobile a natural choice for his extreme lifestyle.

What was the first Lamborghini you purchased?
2008 Gallardo Superleggera, it was the first customer spec’d Superleggera delivered! I ordered the car, flew to the factory in Italy to watch it being built, and then flew the car home from there!

Why did you decide to purchase a Lamborghini instead of another exotic?
When I lived in Milano in 1986 I saw many Lamborghinis which started my passion for them, but the highlight was in Monaco at the Grand Prix where 12 of them were lined up outside a hotel. Then a few months later I saw a white Countach 5000s all wrapped on a luggage cart at the airport being shipped out for Christmas to someone – I then swore to myself I would have one someday!

What draws you to the Lamborghini brand?
Many things! First, I’m not a blue blood Ferrari poser – I struggled, worked hard, and earned my way. Lambo owners for the most part are super cool. I also love to climb mountains, BASE jump and fly my wingsuit (oh, and race at the track with the Superleggera!), the irreverence and extreme nature of the brand is something I definitely connect with.

Describe your most memorable experience with your Lamborghini?
A couple come to mind! The Giro Lamborghini back in 2008 was insane and just so much fun, and with a great group of Lamborghini owners. When we hit the Ojay Valley floor after a few hours of tight turns in the hills and 50 Lambo’s hitting 150+, the sound of the cars was insane! Gingerman racetrack with Valentino Balboni was sick! But the experience that really sticks out was watching the engine being lowered into my new Gallardo after a beautiful Italian lunch at the factory – it was an emotional experience that touched all of my senses.

Why is the Lamborghini Club important to you?
The LCA is where it all comes together…the history and heritage of the brand connecting with the vibrant Lambo community with stories, updates, and events…it’s been so fun to watch the evolution of the club in the past few years. (Like going from analog to digital) and there is so much more as a club and a community we can build together.

What will your next Lamborghini purchase be?
I spoke with Gianluca at lunch in New York a few weeks ago about the Aventador, it would definitely be at the top of my shopping list.