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The Timeline

Lamborghini Club America is the world’s largest organization of members representative of Lamborghini owners and enthusiasts. Founded in 1975, Lamborghini Club America since then has reached significant milestones over the years.


A new Lamborghini Club America website is launched with additional features and functionality providing new benefits and value to members.


Andrew Romanowski takes over the Lamborghini Club America as President, to continue to successfully lead the organization. Jim Heady takes a regionally-focused role with the Club becoming the Regional Development Director.


The Lamborghini Club America issues out carbon fiber membership cards to members, making the Lamborghini Club America the first and only car club to date with a membership card using the carbon fiber technology used in modern day Lamborghinis.


Andrew Romanowski is selected as the Managing Director of the Club to continue the organization’s growth amongst modern Lamborghini owners


The first issue of La Vita Lamborghini Magazine is published and becomes the favorite source of Lamborghini news and related content almost instantly amongst Lamborghini Club America members.


Lamborghini Club America membership growth increases with the introduction of the Gallardo and steadily continues to date with the increased success of the brand.


The Lamborghini Club America leads a huge group of Lamborghini owners in North America to the factory celebration in Sant’Agata for Lamborghini’s 40th Anniversary.


Jim and Joan Heady acquire the Club. The Club’s name is changed to Lamborghini Club America at the Automobili Lamborghini 25th Anniversary Party and Issue 34 of the Club magazine is published with the new name.


The Lamborghini Club America leads a huge group of Lamborghini owners in North America to the factory celebration in Sant’Agata of Lamborghini’s 25th Anniversary.


On a trip to Italy, Jim Heady and Jim Fox meet Ferruccio Lamborghini at his Vineyard. Ferruccio Lamborghini, already an honorary Club member from the inception of the Lamborghini Club America, is presented a Club t-shirt and is officiated as a legendary Club member recognizing the new friendship and relationship with the American Lamborghini Club.


The Lamborghini Club together with the Maserati Club found Concorso Italiano in Monterey, with the first year held on a driving range at the Quail in Monterey.


Al Burtoni of Milano Imports in Gilroy, California assumes leadership of the Club.


With the limited production of Lamborghini cars within the United States, Lamborghini Club America had difficulties sustaining itself. Don Tognotti resurrects the Club knowing that better times are ahead.


The first Lamborghini Club was founded in Beverly Hills, California by Lamborghini owner Don Tognotti so owners could have the opportunity to talk to one another about technical problems, parts availability, or simply share their one of kind experiences with Lamborghini.