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La Vita NYC Bullfest 2014

A Northeast Lamborghini Gathering & Drive
Story By Hovik Gevorgyan | Photos By Lukas Siewior/Marta Photography, Inno Ciorra/Inno Photography and Hovik Gevorgyan

Spring car events in the New York area always attract a great amount of attention, but this one was unparalleled after the long brutal winter that we had. So when it finally started warming up, it was time to get the bulls out of hibernation and go for a drive.

In its 6th year running, BullFest has turned into the biggest Lamborghini event in the North East of US. This year’s event started with a morning gathering and breakfast at the Trump National Golf Club in Briarcliff Manor, NY. As the participants arrived they were directed to park according to the model of Lamborghini they were driving, which resulted in an amazing line up of 14 Aventadors, 12 Murcielagos, over 25 Gallardos as well as 2 Diablos, 2 Countach’s and a beautiful Miura SV. It was particularly interesting to see all 3 Lamborghini SV models parked next to each other – Miura, Diablo & Murcielago SVs.

After check-in, breakfast was served on a terrace overlooking the parking lot while everyone mingled and took pictures of the amazing sight in front of them. Where else would you be able to fit 55+ Lamborghinis in one photo?! It seemed as though the event was already a huge success with the impressive turnout, but it was only the beginning. A drivers meeting was called to go over some of the details of the drive as well as distribute the route cards. Shortly after, the quiet of the Golf Course was interrupted with thousands of horsepower being woken up as the V12s and V10s fired up announcing the start of an epic journey. The local police department had agreed to help the group stay together as we drove through the small town to get on Taconic State Parkway heading north.

Words can’t describe the sight of so many Lamborghinis on the road together at the same time. All 3 lanes of the highway were filled with diversely colored bulls rumbling on. Sometimes the elevation changes would allow moments were you could see all the cars at the same time and those few motorists who happened to be on the road on an early Sunday morning were in awe of what they were seeing. Most of them politely moved over to let the caravan stay together.

After 60 miles of highway driving, the group exited near Woodbury Commons for the preplanned rest/gas stop. There are few gas stations around that would be able to accommodate this many cars and sure enough as the cars started arriving it filled up very quickly. Thankfully there was another lot right next to it which is where those who did not need fuel went to park. The thirsty bulls, one by one, drained the tanks of the gas station and as the last couple of cars pulled up next to the pumps, the station attendant announced that they actually run out of gas!

Those still in need of fuel were directed to a different station, and shortly after the group was back on the road for the second part of the adventure.

This portion of the route consisted mostly of twisty and scenic park roads. The group took Seven Lakes Drive and drove through the freshly green and luscious Bear Mountain State Park. Soon the directions led the caravan south towards Palisades Parkway and eventually brought everyone to the final destination of the event – Sear House Restaurant in Closter, NJ. Another large parking lot was soon full of colorful Lamborghinis as everyone arrived to the luncheon with a big smile on their face. A round
of applause for a trouble free day and a successful BullFest. A huge thank you to the event sponsor Lamborghini Manhattan/Manhattan Motorcars.

Interested in participating in future BullFests? Contact the organizer Hovik Gevorgyan –
hovik.gevorgyan@gmail.com. The next chance to catch this event is BullFest|2014 Fall Edition which is scheduled for October 19th, 2014.

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