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By Jeff & Shauna Wolfe

This year we were an empty nest with no reason to stay home after taking the past four years off of Monterey Car Weekend due to our son’s High School activities – so we made our plans to return to Monterey to see all of our old friends and hope to make new ones as well. To make a proper return, we signed up for activities each day; Quail on Friday, Concorso and the Lambo Club Gala on Saturday, and Pebble Beach on Sunday. Saturday morning I left my hotel early to get my Murcielago placed at on the lawn at Concorso Italiano, and then spent the day with the lambo group including Valentino Balboni! Even though I left the event a little earlier to relax a bit before the big Lamborghini Club Gala, the day was fun, the weather was perfect, and there were plenty of Lamborghinis on the lawn to see and enjoy at Concorso.

If you’ve not taken your Lamborghini to Monterey in August, please come join the fun! Make your hotel reservations early, and sign up for all the events you think you can make. Some you’ll try once, and others you will love and make them your annual ‘not to be missed’ parts of Monterey car weekend. Making new friends and sharing your passion is really what makes this car club so special. Thank you, Andrew for all you do for us! LA VITA

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