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Newport Beach Lamborghini LNB 500

This spring Lamborghini Newport Beach organized its annual getaway and drive for customers and friends of the dealership. The event, which keeps gaining in popularity due to the five star resorts and exciting routes, was this year dubbed the “LNB 500” based on the total amount of miles driven throughout the weekend.

Departing from the dealership on Saturday morning the sea of Lamborghinis made its way towards Malibu in formation while turning the heads of many others on the road. The guests were thrilled to have the chance once again to share their passion for Lamborghini with fellow enthusiasts while being treated to an afternoon of perfect weather. Leaving the 101, the route took the Lamborghinis to the Malibu Hills through a long stretch of twists and turns on Mulholland Drive where the drivers and passengers were able to experience the  exceptional handling abilities of their vehicles. The group paused in scenic Malibu to enjoy a delicious lunch at The Sands Restaurant located right on the beach. It was all smiles and laughter as the Lamborghini Newport Beach armada headed out again for the second and very unique stop on the way to their final destination.

Automobili Lamborghini America had graciously extended an invitation to attend “The World of Lamborghini,” a lifestyle event at a luxury home in the beautiful hills of Malibu. In addition to being treated with catered hors d’oeuvres, Lamborghini Newport Beach guests were also on set for filming of the popular BRAVO show, “Million Dollar Listing.” It was truly an impressive house and accurately encapsulated the Lamborghini lifestyle.

Back on the open road, the LNB 500 made its way along the beautiful Pacific Coast Highway once again turning the heads of many as the Lamborghinis thundered their way towards Santa Barbara. The group arrived at their destination for the evening on schedule and enjoyed a well-deserved champagne reception while checking in to the luxurious Bacara Resort and Spa. The evening began with cocktails overlooking the majestic views of the resort and beach followed by dinner on the Ocean Lawn under the soft glow of bistro lights and candle lit tables. Guests could be heard regaling stories of past and present and truly enjoying the company of all in attendance.

Newport Beach Lamborghini LNB 500

“It’s always a pleasure having these events for our valued clients,” commented Pietro Frigerio, General Manager of Lamborghini Newport Beach. “Part of what makes us one of the most successful Lamborghini dealerships in the United States is providing our customers with the lifestyle that is synonymous with the brand. We pride ourselves on planning unique and exciting events throughout the year for our clients and truly strive to make everyone a part of our Lamborghini Newport Beach Family.”

The next day attendees were treated to breakfast at the resort before departing for the next part of the drive. Leaving in style, the line of Lamborghinis cruised out of the resort entertaining onlookers and headed up the 101 towards Pismo Beach. Taking a slight but planned detour, the group turned onto the 1 in order to again enjoy another day of driving in more technical conditions.

The first pit stop of the day came when the LNB 500 arrived at The Cliffs Resort in Pismo Beach. Although the wind was howling, the sun was out and guests enjoyed lunch on the lawn overlooking the incredible view. The temperature was definitely much cooler due to the wind so it wasn’t long before guests were back behind the wheels of their vehicles for the final part of the drive through the gorgeous landscapes of the 166 and 33 before returning to the resort for the final evening of drinks, food and stories.

Another edition of the annual LNB excursion has come to an end but rest assured that the team at Lamborghini Newport Beach will once again provide an exceptional event again next year. There are already several options on the table so planning has already commenced. The real difficulty is coming up with a way to make the next one even better than the last… but don’t worry, they always do.

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