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It’s almost unbelievable that the Stampede has now completed its seventh year of bringing over 100 Italian sports cars to Monterey in a one day event, in total over the seven years assembling more than 700 cars. Although the event has varied only slightly with a few different routes and start locations, the experience every year is special: new and old friends, sports cars, the journey to Monterey and sharing the ownership experience. Th e event has gained such a following that some participants come as far as from other continents to participate in the events! Over the years the event has started to accept a few non-italian sports cars registered by those who have attended the event before with an Italian car, but the event remains focused on Italian sports car participation.

As it has for a few years now the event kicked off from O’Gara Coach Westlake, giving a clean exit of the city without much of the typical traffic. After breakfast and a quick drivers’ meeting by Italian Stampede organizer Elie Rothstein who reviewed the route and itinerary, the Italian cars took the route to begin their journey to Monterey Car Week. At about half way up the 300 mile drive the group stopped to fuel in Obispo, CA and had lunch at the Madonna Inn—where the very generous and classy gentleman Jeff Kreitzman picked up the lunch bill for the entire group!

The drive continued after the fuel and lunch stop to the event destination, the Monterey Hilton which was also host to the Italian Stampede “Welcome to Monterey” party sponsored by Cats Exotics! View full gallery

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