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Automobili Lamborghini has signed a partnership with Ital-technology and presents the most innovative and cutting-edge electric bike in the world. Now you can ride faster, farther, and challenge climbs with the first Lamborghini electric bicycle on the market. Now Available in North America for pre-order.

What is the Automobili Lamborghini E-Bike?
The Automobili Lamborghini E-Bike is an electric mountain bike with a battery and an electric motor. It’s the only bicycle with an electric motor integrated with an automobile racing style gearbox. A gearbox which shifts electronically via the push of a button (moving or stationary) on the handlebar allowing the patented rotary gear selector to achieve lightning quick shifts.

What models are available?
Sporter and Crosser models are available. The Sporter, is perfect for road use in the city or if fitted with optional tires as a gravel bike. The Sporter has a slightly more upright riding position and comes with dual purpose pedals. The Crosser has a front shock and is designed for off-road. The frame features a slacker geometry and higher ground clearance.

What is the battery life of the Automobili Lamborghini E-Bike?
The 503 watt/hour lithium ion battery provides up to 60 miles of assist on a charge depending on conditions and riding style. The instantaneous power demand is shown on the display, this allows the rider to adjust to maximize range. The battery can be charged from completely depleted to full in 6 hours using the supplied charger.

What is the top speed of the Automobili Lamborghini E-Bike?
The US version takes advantage of local rules allowing for 500 watts and 20 mph assisted speed.

Can I customize the Automobili Lamborghini E-Bike?
Through the Ad Personam program, a variety of options, ranging from custom paint colors to wheels and tires are available to personalize for both models.

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